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Ziggy announces PC co-op survival horror game The Store Is Closed – Effinate Games

Image: The shop is closed

The shop is closed is an upcoming PC open-world co-op survival game from Ziggy where you are trapped in a closed furniture store. The official trailer for The Store is Closed shows what players can expect regarding the dangerous staff, weapons and survival in a dangerous store at night.

In The Store is Closed, you are trapped in a furniture store where you have to survive against the mutated staff that attack at night. The staff unfortunately become aggressive as soon as the lights go out and the shop closes. As the player, you must explore the store, which includes the wards, the labs and the floating wards in the sky, to uncover its secrets and find your way out.

Fortunately, the shop is filled with items that can be used to craft weapons and build a base to help you survive the long and dangerous night.

The key features of this game include:

  • A unique experience in an open world where you can explore different departments, cafes and warehouses.
  • Find or craft weapons to protect yourself or hide in the shop until the night is over.
  • Explore the labs where weapons, crafting materials and more dangerous personnel can be found.
  • Build towers in the sky and discover the secrets and horrors of this world.
  • Everything in this world can be destroyed and used as crafting materials.
  • Collect food from the cafes and return to your home base to cook satisfying meals.
  • The longer you survive in the store, the more dangerous and aggressive the staff become. Eventually you will attract the leaders and you will have to defeat challenging bosses and events.
  • Gain levels and skills the longer you survive, which will help make you a formidable customer as the days go by.

Explore and survive in a closed furniture store and discover its dark secrets in TThe shop is closed. The official release date and price of the game are yet to be revealed. Be sure to check out our latest news section for more great content.

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