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Zenless Zone Zero shows off some combat and world exploration in latest trailer – Effinate Games

HoYoversethe legendary developers of the incredibly popular Genshin impact and Honkai impact, released a brand new trailer for the upcoming all-original ARPG; Zenless Zone Zero. After a collection of teases and a few trailers, we finally got our hands on some really solid gameplay, along with a look at the game’s hub world and even a boss fight.

Zenless Zone Zero is HoYoverse’s first non-Impact related title and appears to be completely separate from the series, with all of their other titles all loosely connected in one way or another. Instead of the somewhat dramatic and intense vibes that most of their games have, Zenless Zone Zero seems to rock a real punk attitude with colorful characters and an overall more fun vibe.

This trailer shows a look at the game’s main setting, New Eridu, where the player character can be seen exploring the streets while talking to various NPCs and vendors. Of course, they also stop to pet a few of the adorable little pets that are also scattered throughout the city.

This is then followed up with a pretty solid look at the game’s combat, which seems to take a lot more from the Honkai series than anything else. It’s fast, frantic and full of the player jumping from enemy to enemy. However, it still has the classic party-swapping mechanic that the HoYoverse games have always kept. This little snippet shows that each character you’ll be able to play is super different from one another, and each has a deep set of abilities that you’ll want to use to do maximum damage.

Afterwards, there’s a small glimpse of a boss fight before more quest interactions with NPCs. All in all, this trailer gave us a good look at the combat system along with the inner workings of New Eridu and its inhabitants, so there’s plenty of information and great material here.

Zenless Zone Zero is set to take the world by storm when it finally launches, although that date remains unknown. Until then, you can head over to official website for more information or follow official Twitter account for any updates!

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