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YBA Crazy Diamond Rework Update 1.35 Log and Patch Notes – Effinate Games

The new 1.35 update for Your Bizarre Adventure will be released on August 31, 2022! There are a ton of other bug fixes, content additions and balances to the game, just take a look at the update log to see them all!

If any new codes are added to the update, you will be able to find them on our YBA Online codes page! The below patch notes were released via official Discord serverand has been slightly reformatted.

YBA Update 1.35 Log


  • Crazy Diamond REDACTED!!!

11 MOVES in total
New skill tree

  • 9 new SKINS !!!
    Anti Umbral (Hermit Purple) (Uncommon)
    Tsunate (Crazy Diamond) (Uncommon)
    Nocturne (Cream) (Epic)
    Crazy Idol (Crazy Diamond) (Epic)
    Sakara (Crazy Diamond) (Epic)
    Neon Ascension Diamond (Crazy Diamond)
    Whisper (Six Pistols) (Legendary)
    Blade of The Exile (Anubis) (Legendary)
    Biblically Accurate Experience (Gold
    Experience) (Legendary)
  • 2 new 1v1/2v2 MAPS!!!
    Skeleton heel stone
    Green Dolphin Street Prison Courtyard
  • Skills, key bindings improved!
    If you have a Stand & Fighting
    Stylistic skill tied to the same key
    then it will now activate Fighting
    Style skills when you have ANY weapon
    equipment. Simply disarm the weapon
    to activate the standing ability
    All skill key rebind data has become
    reset for this, please rebind your
    skill keys


  • New private server chat command: /e attackdummy
  • Updated the following stand models:

Star Platinum: The World
Mrs. Aerosmith (SKIN)
Train to Hell (SKIN)
Tomb Crypt Tusk (SKIN)
Sorcerer’s Red (HUD)
Headhunter (SKIN)
Casull (SKIN)

  • Added flashing windup indicators to Stand Beatdown moves, Impale and Road roll
  • You can switch between the keybindings for GE and GER’s Self Life Distribution & Life Distribution skills / Also removed their hyper armor
  • D4C Clones & Scary Monster Minions now die if too far away from its user
  • Toggle Armor has been changed to “Shed Armor” and slightly reworked gameplay
  • Non-stand users now see every stand to make the game more beginner-friendly


  • Added a 2s global Time Stop CD to the following moves:

Time jump
Weather roll
Ora Beatdown
Lightning strike
Reality overwrites Punch

  • Added 4s Global CD to Self Distribution after using Summon Tree
  • Lowered the windup a bit on String Slam
  • Removed damage multiplier and counter duration buff on victims hit by gravity shift, but increased range and stun on the move
  • Removed Hyper Armor from Gravitational Shift
  • Increased Anubis’ skill damage by 20%
  • Reduced Curse Imbued Slice’s knockback & CD
  • Reduced After Image, Cursed Blade, & Enraged Fury’s CD
  • Replaced Stun M1s from Super Natural Swordplay passive with block break on the last M1 combo + higher attack speed
  • Nerfed Vola Barrage’s damage and removed its knockback
  • Increased damage on all RHCP’s skill damage
  • Electrify now grants teleport dashes
  • Reduced Pinky Slash’s cooldown and cooldown
  • Reduced electrical discharge settlement
  • Shake Key now bypasses IFrames and counters
  • Reduced Platinum Slam’s end layer
  • Added end layer to the skull crusher
  • Reduced inhalation duration
  • Destructive power no longer increases healing
  • Reduced smoke grenade duration
  • Removed knockback on Pocket Revolver
  • Reduced TWAU’s blades stun
  • Reduced vine trap stun
  • Reduced Double Vine Slap’s second stun + removed its hyper armor & knockback
  • Reduced Arrow Barrage damage
  • After waking up from Conqueror’s Will your stand auto summons
  • Reduced Wormhole Uppercut’s cooldown duration
  • Increased Nail Glide’s speed
  • Gave Tusk Act 4 +1 DP upgrade node
  • Scary monster minions show their HP bar
  • Cycle Slash pulls enemies inward
  • Silver Chariot has 1.2x attack speed passively
  • All victims, except the user, of Universe Reset now take true damage from all sources while in Alternate Universe form
  • Reduced Emerald Barrier’s damage


  • Fixed Jotaro Kujo, Heaven Ascension Dio, Jotaro and Dio mobs breaking after attempting Time Stop
  • Fixed Sword Style not draining blood like a vampire
  • Fixed Tusk nail projectiles not registering hits sometimes
  • Fixed lingering hitbox on Heaven Ascended Smite
  • Fixed Crescent Slice & Soaring Tempest’s default keybindings being changed

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