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Xbox returns to Tokyo Game Show 2022, hopes to “delight players” with game announcements – Effinate Games

Tokyo Game Show 2022 is fast approaching and Xbox will be there to showcase its games again this year. We’ll have news about “existing titles from Xbox Game Studios and titles launching from developer partners that we hope will delight players in Japan, across Asia and around the world.”

It is lifted from Xbox News Blog, which has all the fine details about the upcoming TGS showcase. The digital Xbox stream will be broadcast on Thursday, September 15 at 6 PM JST / 5 AM ET / 2 AM PT (obviously, it’s primarily planned for viewers in Japan). That Thursday is also the kickoff for TGS in general, and the show runs through Sunday, September 18.

Based on Xbox’s wording on the blog, we expect a bit more on the announcement side than last year. Xbox was present at TGS 2021, but without new games. This time there is the potential for some pretty important announcements. In April of this year, Xbox senior producer Matt Smith said that the Japanese team “worked with top-notch developers on a groundbreaking product[s].” The TGS livestream would be an ideal time to announce some of them. It would also be a good time to talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake. Three trademarks were registered in Japan in May, leading fans to expect an Xbox collection in the near future Finally, we know that Xbox is releasing the next Hideo Kojima game, reportedly codenamed Overdose, so we could learn more about that during the Xbox presentation as well.

Historically, Xbox hasn’t had the strongest foothold in Japan. Only 2.3 million consoles across the entire Xbox line have been sold in Japan in 20 years. That said, the Series S outsold the PlayStation 5 for the first time in May of this year, so Xbox may be able to capitalize on that momentum with its TGS presentation.

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