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Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family has gone into testing in Colombia and Ireland – Effinate Games

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family has entered a testing phase in Colombia and Ireland, with future expansion potentially coming in the coming months. The service is a new way for five Xbox accounts to all be put under one plan and access Game Pass from their console, PC or mobile device through cloud gaming. There’s no limit to what you can download or stream, and all five accounts can play at the same time. In Colombia it costs $49,990 and in Ireland it is €21.99 per month. There is no option for multiple months or yearly at the moment.

While the service is currently not available outside of these two countries, we can get a pretty good idea of ​​how it will work by translating the FAQ section of the Colombian store page to it.

One main account can invite up to four other accounts to share their Game Pass access, as long as they are in the same region as the main account. People can join and leave a Friends & Family group up to twice within a year, and the main account can invite up to eight within that time frame. The main account is the only one that will be billed, with automatic payments set by default, but they can be disabled.

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From the information above, setting up and maintaining an Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription is similar to doing the same with Nintendo Switch Online’s family memberships. Microsoft had recently confirmed that a family membership to its much-lauded subscription service was on the way, and the marketing logo for it was leaked earlier this week, so an announcement that the service is coming to fruition isn’t entirely surprising.

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