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Xbox App on PC gets HowLongtoBeat tracker, more in new update – Effinate Games

The Xbox app on PC has got a great new feature for people who want to play games through Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft announced they partnered with the website HowLongToBeat to show players different levels of game length.

Players can now view the community-driven aggregates for the Main Story, Main Story and Additional Quests, Completionist, and an overall aggregate for all playthroughs. You can even click ‘view details’ to submit your own times, manage your games library and help other players catch up with their backlog.

For more information on this new partnership, check out the website for more info.

In addition to the partnership with HowLongtoBeat, Microsoft also says the update will improve launch times and overall app performance by up to 15%. They also claim that crash-free sessions have improved to 99.9% with their latest updates. Search results on the app have also been improved by up to 20%.

Microsoft and Xbox continue to lead the way with their consumer-friendly services on PC and their push to create an easy-to-use application that serves to complement platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store, while not shutting down content behind their platform directly.

Over the years, the Xbox app, which had launched in a hard mode, has improved dramatically as more users become familiar with the amazing Xbox Game Pass program.

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