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Xbox announces big changes for Home Page in 2023 – Effinate Games

Xbox Wire has just revealed that the popular console has been working on a deep overhaul of key homepage mechanics, which is currently expected to roll out sometime in 2023. A few of the new features have already been mentioned.

The announcement quickly garnered interest from enthusiasts like @Nibellion:

The Xbox home page has gradually improved over time, but it still has some basic issues that make navigation frustrating or time-consuming, even with pins. It looks like Xbox has been working to fix some of these issues, or at least improve them.

One of the first changes revealed is the “Jump Back In” row, which will allow players to more easily access the last games or apps they used. Technically, the Xbox homepage already has a similar feature, but it only supports a few tiles.

Having a dedicated row can make it easier to access games that can easily be buried after browsing through a few streaming apps, or to briefly jump into the Game Pass and Rewards apps to complete quests and the like.

Settings, Store, Search and My Games and Apps are all expected to get dedicated tiles on the home page. It could potentially be a little cluttered compared to the existing menus, especially for tiles with less traffic like settings and search.

One of the biggest changes will be a new curated section for different categories and recommendations. This would be inspired by the games you have played and if you are a Game Pass subscriber.

Frankly, this sounds more like a marketing ploy, akin to other tailored proposals. It doesn’t really need quick access and will probably just clog up the home screen.

However, all these changes are still in the testing phase. They’ve rolled out this week to random Xbox Insiders, and Xbox is clearly open to tweaks after promising a “multi-month series of experiments.”

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