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Wuthering Waves gets new 8-minute gameplay trailer – Effinate Games

Kuro Game shared a long gameplay trailer for their open world ARPG Rolling waves during Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Here is the new trailer:

Here’s an overview of the game via its store page:

Welcome to the new world, Rover.

This is the age of struggle. Since the Calamity a hundred years ago, previously unknown beings have taken root in our world, sowing discord and destruction. Civilization as we know it once teetered on the brink of collapse.
This is a time of hope. Survivors have buried the hatchet with their kin and enemies and have begun to rebuild from the ruins. They find hope in the glories of bygone days. They build cities and factories. They sing the praises of the restoration.

As for you, Rover from beyond. Whatever may have led to your awakening, we welcome you to these troubled lands. Your journey here will intersect with that of many others – and will be marked by mysteries and battles.
You must go down as a legend, one who will bring rejuvenation to humanity.

Rolling waves is under development for both iOS and Android.

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