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Wild Rift introduces four new champions in Power Spike anniversary update – Effinate Games

Riot games‘ mobile version of the ever so popular League of Legends, Wild Rift, has announced its upcoming patch that also serves as a celebration of the game’s first anniversary. This update, which will be released in staggered patches over the next month or so, includes many additions. They include four new champions to the game’s roster, as well as a collection of item tweaks and a handful of other mechanical changes.

Let’s go over the four new roster additions first, as they are definitely the biggest change. All four of these characters come from League of Legends’ PC version, so any player of either will recognize them. First up, we have Gwen, the holy Seamstress. This scissor-wielding doll doubles as an AP killer. After that, You, the Unforgiven. Yone is a dual-bladed demon that usually functions as a mid or top laner.

Next, Vex, Gloomist. Vex is another AP assassin and can be used well in the mid lane. Finally we have Warwick, one of the oldest champions on the League’s roster. This werewolf appears mostly in the jungle and is an AD/bruiser hybrid. With all these new champions, the Wild Rift meta is about to shake up into something fierce, so study up on what each character does and be ready!

There are many topic changes in this patch and they are a bit too much to discuss in one article, so take a look at the official patch note video preview for more information on that front. The primary takeaways are the addition of two new Support starter items, while some Support enchanters have received upgrades.

We’ve also got a new 1v1 game mode and Ranked Season, bringing changes to the Wild Pass. Wild Pass will turn the Bonus Rewards section into a Wild Pass Emporium where you can claim rewards in any order you want. Additionally, players will have a set of simple repeatable missions on a week-to-week basis, while premium players will have seasonal missions.

Let’s move on to skins! If you were wondering what this season’s Wild Pass theme is, look no further than Jayce the Superhero for your answer! That’s right, this pass is all about saving the day in spandex and style! As for the other skins, the full list of all those being added can also be found in the official patch notes as there are quite a few being added.

Phew! Lots of content on display here! If you yourself want to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most popular mobile MOBAs out there, you can download Wild Rift for free at one of the links below. In the meantime, feel free to check official website for more details on this festive patch!

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