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Wild Hearts reveal trailer teases giant monster hunting – Effinate Games

Wild hearts has officially released its first gameplay footage with a new reveal trailer showing off a variety of lush environments and massive beasts to hunt. The trailer also ended with a launch date of February 17, 2023. You can watch the full trailer at wild hearts’ YouTube channel here:

It is now completely clear Wild hearts intends to compete directly with the classic Monster hunter franchise. The trailer states that “you only have to hunt,” which is a bold move that relies entirely on the artistic approach rather than mixing up the formula.

Players can invent new upgrades for their weapons, and they will also have access to various traps or equipment to aid them in their hunt. In fact, there are also quite a few recordings of endemic life that may not necessarily be hunted. Wild hearts actually shows its similarity to Monster hunterwhich counts on the beautiful cultural influences of feudal Japan.

The creature design looks solid, and the developers already have experience with various hunting mechanics thanks to the beloved Toukiden series. Omega Force has already proven their abilities and it’s clear that the collaboration with EA has resulted in some very smart visuals.

Although fans were quick to notice it all wild hearts’ similarities, many were actually happy to have another franchise to invest in. Monster hunter has a virtual monopoly on the genre, finding huge success with each Solstice update. But EA has a troublesome reputation, so cautious optimism is warranted.

Hopefully, Wild hearts will be more than a simple re-skin of this franchise and ultimately differ mechanically as well. The trailer shows some creative equipment, such as the spinning umbrella, which elaborates on Japanese inspiration in a clever way.

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