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Warzone 2’s Map is Named “AL MAZRAH” – All POI Locations – Effinate Games

Following on from our May 2022 exclusive report, sources have provided an updated map image of Warzone 2’s new map with its POI locations.

Warzone 2’s map is called “AL MAZRAH”.

A new image, provided under the condition that the image not be made public, shows all 18 POIs that I previously reported and plotted, but some of the POI names have since changed. All the 18 POIs are as follows:

  • Oasis
  • Wartorn – Now called “Taraq Village”
  • Quarry
  • Oil field – now called “Rohan Oil”
  • Modern City – Now called “Al Mazrah City”
  • Caves
  • Dam – Now called “Hydroelectric”
  • Marshes – now called “Marshlands”
  • Port – Now called “Port”
  • Sira – Now called “Sa’id City”
  • Observatory
  • Mountain Town – now called “Al Sharim Pass”
  • Cemetery – now called “cemetery”
  • Oldtown – Now called “Abkdar Village”
  • Shipwreck – Now called “Sawah Village”
  • Fishtown – now called Sarrif Bay”
  • Fort – now called “Fortress”
  • Airport

The Warzone 2 map hasn’t changed significantly since my first drawing exclusively reported via TryHardGuides.

Cod Warzone 2 Map Leak Image

Warzone 2 is set to be officially revealed later today as part of #CODNEXT, including reveals for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, Warzone Mobile and a few surprises.

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