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War of the Visions FInal Fantasy Brave Exvius is celebrating its 2.5 year anniversary with collabs with sister games – Effinate Games

Square Enix is ​​hosting a massive celebration as its popular tactical mobile RPG War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius celebrates two and a half years since its launch. Players can expect to find plenty of anniversary missions, login bonuses, and special collaborations with sister games like the beloved Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Tactics to celebrate the occasion.

In WoTV FFBE’s 2.5 year anniversary celebration and exclusive Milestone event has been introduced and will reward players with Visiore based on how much Visiore they use. In addition, Fragments of Thought of each element will be available at a 3x rate and earned by completing daily missions during this month-long birthday campaign.

Co-op goodies that come back to the party will be given away to everyone at no cost whatsoever. Players can get their hands on Final Fantasy XIII’s cooperative units like Hope (UR) and Alexander’s Chosen Vision (UR) by simply logging into the game. Even the Gaffgarion unit and the Blades of Grass Vision map from Final Fantasy Tactics will be free.

Of course, that’s not all. There are a few more crossover items that are up for grabs. Adding to the party from FFXIII are the Lightning and Snow Ultra Rare units, along with two new vision cards, Odin’s Chosen and Shiva’s Chosen. Fan-favorite characters from FF Tactics such as Ramza, Orlandeau, Delita and Scion of House Beoulve and Red Chocobo Vision Cards will also be part of the event.


Also, everyone will get 10 guaranteed free invitations by logging in. This reward can be claimed 10 times over the next month, for a total of 100 free summons just to start the game! A few event campaigns are also held outside of the game. Based on the number of followers gained on social media, players will be awarded certain prizes.

Join the party by downloading War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius now for free.

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