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Victoria 3 Patch 1.1 update and timeframe – Effinate Games

Victoria 3 has revealed details of their upcoming Patch 1.1, which will primarily focus on bug fixes, balancing, AI improvements, and UI/UX work, and will be released at the end of the year. Later, they will release another free major patch update, 1.2, focusing on warfare and diplomacy. Meanwhile, the hotfix (1.0.6) is live and should help with performance improvements and bug fixes.

Details of these updates were obtained from Victoria 3’s Official steam post, and we have included them below. Be sure to check out our Victoria 3 section for more great content!

Patch News and Updates

In Patch 1.1, the main focus will be on bug fixes, balancing, AI improvements, and UX/UI work. Two of the major changes coming in Patch 1.1 revolve around oil and rubber

Oil reserves per 1.0.6

As of 1.0.6, oil reserves are discoverable. They are primarily historical oil fields cultivated and accessible (although they were not found until later than 1936).

Oil is a scarce resource and limits progress in industrialization in the late game. Although oil is an important late-game resource, its current availability is too harsh on players. The number of oil fields has doubled and should provide more supply in the world.

Oil reserves per 1.1.0

Although oil production is profitable and polishing them would be useful, it would not solve the problem of insufficient oil.

One problem is that the gate of oil fields to only historically mined areas is always difficult, which means that if Russia and the United States collapse in the game, 50%+ of the world’s oil supply is locked behind their regression and the world is suffering.

Using historical assumptions, the developers have created a balance between historical and semi-balanced gameplay, which is why they have included more oil fields and those that can be discovered earlier than states in historical documents.

In addition, they will also examine the following:

  • Obtaining some oil reserve potential behind the technology to do so, where deposits not found before the present, is more challenging for the player to access, but still possible.
  • If the oil supply is still too short – look into adding more variations of production methods to balance the input/output of these factories.
  • Give the Whale Oil Industry a bit more of a kick in the gears in the early stages of the game.

Rubber supply per 1.0.6

Although this resource does not have as much of a bottleneck compared to the oil reserves, rubber is not so abundant to meet the world’s current demands.

While making the AI ​​extract and utilize resources better, they also plan to increase the available rubber supply in the game.

Rubber supply per 1.1.0

In Patch 1.1, the developers looked at late game and found that population issues were preventing the resource from meeting requirements.

To help with this they added a new PM for Rubber Plantations. This provides them with an automatic irrigation system that symbolizes later efforts to modernize plantations without being completely dependent on rainfall. Hopefully this will help increase the productivity of buildings already in the game.

In addition, Rubber Plantations can now double their productive output in the later game by replacing some workers with machines.

The development team is also looking at the following:

  • Adding more rubber potential to the world if this PM isn’t enough
  • The potential synthetic rubber in the late game
  • Indicate characteristics of the specific areas of the world best suited for its cultivation to aid throughput

These resource changes have been deployed in Patch 1.1 and are currently under review by the balance and functionality team.

They also examine the arable land balance in the game and make changes to them. But since these changes can potentially raise the world economy, they ensure sufficient time to work on balancing.

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