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Valorant announces fresh Night Market for September – Effinate Games

Valorant has just revealed that some new night market discounts will be available soon, starting on September 28, 2022 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Night markets are a great way to pick up guns you may have missed at a lower price. Here is the promo tweet from Valorants feed:

It also looks like Riot is planning another Night Market on October 11th, and Valorant fans are generally happy with these deals.

While the prices could stand to be a bit lower, the night market rules also allow players to access weapon skins that were released at least two actions in advance. The Night Market also boasts decent prices compared to the traditional store’s dailies and bundles.

Of course, each player is offered six skins at random, so it can be difficult to find something you were looking for. As a result, many fans have complained about the skins they end up with, which can sometimes be quite disappointing.

It’s even more frustrating because night markets can be pretty few and far between. But it’s still a fun way to dig up something you might not even know about, especially if you’re a new player. Most of the time, cosmetics are not considered true (or satisfying) content.

But Valorant has kept things pretty fresh, and that has been building up a lot of real hype lately. Not just with small events like this, but especially with the Valorant Champions Tour 2023, which only just announced all 30 competing teams that have qualified to advance.

Over the past few months, they’ve also patched a number of game updates and even held a fan contest for a crossover with Webtoon.

You can read more about Valorants latest updates or leaks by checking the rest of our news section!

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