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Valkyrie of Phantasm sets early access release date in October – Effinate Games

Publisher Playism and developer Areazero announced an early access release date for Valkyrie of Phantasm, their high-flying Touhou Project fighting game.

A few months after its initial release, Valkyrie of Phantasm launched for Windows PC (via Steam) on October 23 and will support English, Japanese and Chinese languages.

Here’s a new trailer:

English version

Japanese version

Here is an overview of the game:

Valkyrie of Phantasm

A meteorite suddenly falls to Gensokyo. A crack appears in its golden, egg-like surface, and small drops of light appear from within, which then scatter in all directions. Eventually they end up in the hands of Gensokyo’s most powerful.

One of these lights reaches Reimu Hakurei. It surrounds her and transforms into what looks like armor. A name rings in her head and she proclaims. “A valkyrie arm…” Sensing the beginning of an incident, she sighs and looks in the direction the light came from. She floats up and into the air – and a moment later she is already gone, leaving nothing but a thin red trail.

“My body feels so light…” Reimu rises faster than ever, realizing that her armor – her Valkyrie arm – is to thank for her newfound speed. Who gave her this power, and for what purpose? Reimu rushes to find the reason for all this. But it doesn’t take long before someone stands in her way.

“Looks like I’m not the only one.” Before Reimu is another girl, similarly dressed in a Valkyrie arm. Each of them now possess the same power, and inevitably… a high-speed danmaku battle begins.

Basic actions

  • Attack: Melee when at close range
  • Shots: Explosive bullets; can be rapid fire
  • Spell: Cast a powerful orb pattern spell
  • Step: Perform a quick dodge
  • Boost Dash: Fly at high speeds
  • Guard: Put up a barrier to repel attacks

Special actions

  • Accel Drive: Temporarily turn on (increases movement speed, movement speed and power of all attacks)
  • Stat increases change depending on the number of charges in the Drive Gauge
  • Level 1 to level 3 + level MAX
  • Has burst effects
  • Accel Drive Spell: A powerful spell that can only be used during Accel Drive
  • Ultimate Spell: An extremely powerful spell that can only be used at Max Level
  • Charged Melee Attack: Breaks guards and deals knockback
  • Flash Attack: A mid-range charged attack
  • Side Attack: A high speed lateral flank attack (stepping side to side, attacking from the side)
  • Back Strike: Backsteps and then attacks
  • Boost Dash Attack: A powerful punch out of a Boost Dash that deals knockback
  • Step Cancel: Step to cancel an attack action

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