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Upcoming Valorant Daedalus weapon bundle has leaked – Effinate Games

Valorant leaks have revealed new details about the upcoming Daedalus weapons bundle!

The Valorant Vandal skin, Daedaluswas previously leaked by a Twitter user, xtr_cs, along with Titanmail Vandal and another upcoming Vandal cosmetic item. The Daedalus pack was expected to be available in August 2022 when Valorant teased the new weapon skin in a now-deleted Twitter post. According to Twitter account, Valor leakssaid the removed post that the Daedalus skin was a concept originally from the Valorant Beta release.

Recently, new details about the Daedalus weapons package have surfaced online. According to Twitter user, floxayThe Daedalus bundle would include the following five weapons:

  • Daedalus Melee
  • Daedalus Phantom
  • Daedalus the Vandal
  • Sheriff of Daedalus
  • Daedalus the judge
  • Spray/ Gunmate/ Player card

The leak also stated that every weapon skin included in the bundle is purchasable 2175 VPwhile the melee skin can be purchased for 4350 VP. Players interested in purchasing the entire collection will be able to get the bundle too 8700 VP.

The Daedalus skin pack is said to be an Exclusive Edition series of Valorant skins that will follow the last Exclusive Edition collection, The Prelude to Chaos, available in Episode 5 Act 1. As such, the Daedalus collection may also feature unique VFX, SFX, animation and finisher. Players can activate its other features through the given Radianite Points.

Previously leaked images of the Daedalus pack have indicated that the weapon skins will also have three additional color versions that players can purchase with RP. On 21 September at 2:00 PM PDT/22 September at 02.30 AM IST, Champions 2022 and the Kohaku & Matsuba bundles will no longer be available in the in-game shop. As such, players can expect the Daedalus skin collection to replace the two current bundles after the aforementioned dates. Regardless, leaks are subject to change, and Riot has yet to confirm the release date for the Daedalus weapon pack.

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