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Unfinished Overwatch 2 Kiriko cinematic reveal leaked online – Effinate Games

The announcement of Overwatch 2 came with new additions to the roster and more heroes will be added as time goes on, but Overwatch fans were in for a nice surprise when unfinished footage of a new hero named Kiriko was originally posted by YouTuber Kuriboh Cervantes. Blizzard moved quickly to take down the footage, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Kiriko’s name was first revealed in Overwatch 2’s $40 Watchpoint Pack. Not only will this pack provide access to Kiriko, but it also includes skins, virtual currency, and some Season 1 Premium Battle Pass levels. Information about Kiriko being included in the Watchpoint Pack is being removed as a result of the leak.

What does the footage show?

The unfinished footage is in Spanish and not all scenes are fully rendered. What we see is our green haired hero Kiriko talking to a number of people at the beginning. The Hashimoto clan appears after the first third of the footage, and this is where Kiriko’s abilities begin to show.

Members of the Hashimoto clan are struck down with Kiriko’s kunai as she deftly moves through a narrow corridor. An innocent bystander is injured during the chaos, and Kiriko is seen healing what would otherwise be a fatal injury. Her eyes begin to glow and she begins teleporting around the hallway, taking down more enemies. Towards the end of the battle, Kiriko summons spectral torii gates, which enhance some of the spectators and allow them to chase away the remaining hostiles.

From the healing and enhancement, Kiriko seems to be a support hero that helps her allies. She is likely one of the earliest heroes that will be available in the first year when Overwatch 2 releases on October 4th. Kiriko will be the 35th hero added to the roster if she is the new hero introduced at release. Since Blizzard plans to release heroes and cards gradually every year (3-4 heroes per year), it won’t be long before players get a chance to use Kiriko in the game.

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