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Undecember’s latest update introduces the Rune Awakening System – Effinate Games

Since its global launch last month, Line Games has been regularly adding new content to its hack-and-slash mobile ARPG Undecember. Its previous update a few weeks ago added an insane amount of stuff, including nine new skill runes and 12 new link runes. Today’s update builds on all of this and takes it further with the newly introduced Rune Awakening System.

In Undecember’s latest update, players can now access the new Rune Awakening System. It makes the gameplay even more diverse and takes the battle to new places. Under the new system, players will be able to power up level 30 legendary runes by absorbing them with one of the three Awakening Options, which include Source, Origin, and Verity.

Players can also celebrate Black Friday with a massive in-game sale. During the Black Friday Festa, which will be held until December 14th this December, players can get heavily discounted items in the Ore and Guild Shops. When exchanging items, higher deductions can be obtained, as the number of Gems of Courage, Gems of Merit and Guild Tokens for some of the items will reduce accordingly.

This update also brings new seasonal content. Titled Descent Raid, the battle adds another enemy to the boss raid challenges and will task players with winning quite a difficult battle. There is no way to complete this alone and you need to be over level 80 to even have a shot at it. Eight such fighters will band together and work together if they wish to confront and defeat Ochogneel.

In addition to this, character customization has also gone a step further with new beauty items for sprinting and footprints. Don’t forget to collect all the rewards included in this update such as Gemstones of Courage, Gemstones of Merit and Guild Tokens from the Black Friday sale and rewards for beating the raid boss.

Download Undecember’s latest update now for free.

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