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Undead Horde 2: Necropolis, the sequel to the 2019 RPG strategy hybrid, officially announced – Effinate Games

10 Tons Ltd., the developer of the hit game which Disassemble or Tesla Forcehas announced that it has begun development on the sequel to the 2019 RPG Undead Horde. This combination of RPG and strategy game has been very successful since its release, still sitting at #139 in RPGs on the App Store, and now fans will soon have Undead Hordes 2: Necropolis to get their hands on.

Let’s go over some of the cool mechanics added to the sequel! Undead Horde 2 takes a lot of the original mechanics from Undead Horde, but improves and makes them a bit more interesting. For example, in the original, you were limited to using your necromantic powers to raise the dead of the enemies you killed, and only the types of enemies you killed.

Now, in Undead Horde 2, a new ‘Raise Wheel’ mechanic will be in place, where every time you raise a corpse to add to your necromancer army, you’ll be able to decide exactly which type to replace the corpse instead. This will increase the diversity of the armies you use to wage warfare and make the game overall much more interesting and varied, especially with the over a dozen unit types that will be available at launch.

Another new gameplay tidbit that seems pretty interesting is the titular Necropolis itself. While in Undead Horde you simply had a bit of a central crypt area, in Undead Horde 2 you’ll have an entire city that your army razed to the ground and over the course of your gameplay will slowly rebuild and repopulate over time. Each new addition to the city will unlock some perk to your gameplay or benefit your army in some way, so this is an interesting progression mechanic that’s also satisfying to watch.

Beyond these mechanics, Undead Horde 2 looks to be just more of the glory that was Undead Horde, but even better and more improved. Graphically, it also looks delicious, so there’s a lot to look at.

While it’s likely that Undead Horde 2 will launch on PC first and mobile after, judging by the first game, the window wasn’t too big for the prequel, so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing this one decently soon. If you would like to follow along, you can follow the development through the game’s official website Discord channel or keep an eye out for news about Steam page!

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