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UK Police have Reportedly Arrested a 17-year-Old in GTA 6 Hack – Effinate Games

A few days ago, the world was rocked by what is possibly the biggest leak ever in the video game industry. Someone leaked more than 90 gameplay videos from what was supposed to be a really early build of GTA 6.

While Rockstar issued a statement To clarify the situation, Take-Two and Uber were also hacked. Take-Two also released a statement saying they are investigating the matter. Finally, the investigations may have yielded a result, as British police have arrested an alleged perpetrator.

GTA 6 Hacker may have been caught

The City of London Police announced that they arrested a 17-year-old person in Oxfordshire on suspicion of a hacking case and they are still in custody. However, no name was disclosed. Journalist Matthew Keys responded to the City of London Police’s Tweet by confirming that they were indeed arrested for breaking Uber technologies and Rockstar games.

Matthew further tweeted:

'Police expected to give more details on the arrest of the 17-year-old Rockstar Games hacker later today, a possible statement coming from the FBI later this morning/afternoon.'

After the leak, everyone expected GTA 6 development to be affected. But Rockstar Games has confirmed that development will go ahead as planned and there will be no delays. Take-two also asked users to reset the password of their IDs so that no data is compromised.

Whole story

Uber, a major player in the transportation technology sector, stated earlier this week that it was in contact with the FBI and the US Department of Justice regarding the perpetrator of a recent security breach, which may be the same hacker responsible for Rockstar’s GTA 6 leak. Uber revealed some insights into the whole affair:

An Uber EXT contractor had their account compromised by an attacker. It is likely that the attacker purchased the contractor’s Uber corporate password on the dark web, after the contractor’s personal device had been infected with malware, exposing those credentials.

The account was protected by two-factor authentication. The account holder declined all approval requests, but eventually approved one, resulting in the case. You can read more here.

All this was allegedly done by an anonymous user. The anonymous user said they were responsible for the latest Uber data hack, which also contained Slack at its core, and that they had obtained the disclosed materials through an internal Slack channel.

Uber and Rockstar Games hacked

While it is not yet confirmed whether both hacks came from the same source, it is truly alarming that companies of this size were hacked. Uber has revealed in their statement that the attack may have come from a hacker group called Lapsus$. The group has been very active in recent years and has previously been responsible for data breaches.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, we are waiting for the police to investigate the case further and issue a statement. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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