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Ubisoft moving away from $60 price tag for triple-A titles, Skull and Bones will be $70 at launch – Effinate Games

Video games aren’t cheap, and they aren’t getting any cheaper. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot spoke Axios, confirming that Skull and Bones will launch at $70 and hinting that future triple-A titles will also be released at $70. Ubisoft cited as saying that some of its games will continue to be sold at the same price as its competitors. Most games still sell for the $60 price, so presumably Ubisoft’s non-triple-A games will remain at $60. Skull and Bones is a pirate game that will be released on November 8 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows.

The Axios interview also delves into the latest workplace misconduct scandals plaguing Ubisoft headquarters. Guillemot, who has not been publicly accused of wrongdoing, admitted the company had “stumbled” on workplace issues. He stresses that he believes the company is improving and has taken steps to fill positions for his “blind spots”, including a dedicated HR lead.

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Prior to the Axios interview, Ubisoft did not make any comments for or against the price increase witnessed in other triple-A games. These comments are some of the first times the company has spoken publicly about changing the prices of its titles and the first confirmation from the company that it will raise the prices of its games. The price increase will be reserved for the big triple-A games, titles on which much of the company’s time and money goes. Triple-A games are the blockbuster equivalent of Hollywood movies.

Not long before the Axios interview, the company held its 2022 Ubisoft Forward presentation and event. The company announced new titles and gave glimpses of what the future holds for the company. Ubisoft announced several new Assassin Creed titles, giving fans the first clues to what the long-rumored Assassin Creed Infinity could be. Ubisoft also revealed that video game icon Rayman will be joining Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope as DLC 3.

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