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Two Fnatic stars could miss League of Legends World Championship – Effinate Games

According to the official Fnatic twitter feed, two of their key players, Upset and Hylissang, have just tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, their trip has been delayed and they could potentially miss out on this year’s much-anticipated League of Legends World tournament. Here is the full statement:

Hopefully these two talented players will recover soon and the fans quickly responded with support. Fnatic has been one of the most dominant organizations in any eSports scene through remarkable player acquisition and brand franchising that is staggeringly expansive.

They’ve also got a lot of support as frontrunners to win it all. So missing two of their star players like this would be really damaging in the tournament. League of Legends announced the Worlds 2022 tournament a few weeks ago, scheduled for September 29:

This leaves the two affected players with very little time to recover, but there is still hope. Both have been very consistent players. They also happen to work well together and generally improve each other’s games in general.

Elias “Upset” Lipp is probably best known for their performance in the League of Legends European Championship, where they reached 1,000 kills earlier this year. He is a bot laner. Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev, from Sofia, Bulgaria, is a classic player who joined first League of Legends back in 2011. He is known for crucial assists and plays support, currently under contract until 2023.

Many fans were disappointed by the call, oddly unwilling to take COVID-19 seriously. There’s also a lot of drama online because Upset missed out on last year’s League of Legends World tournament. But player health must always come first, so Fnatic has definitely taken the right approach.

All of this news also comes shortly after Fnatic marketed theirs League of Legends Worlds themed jersey to show your support for the beloved organization:

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