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Twitter employees are fired / quit after 2.0 ultimatum, users panic in chaos – Effinate Games

Twitter‘s future following its acquisition by Elon Musk is being called into question as both artists and regular users of the platforms erupted into panic last night.

Elon Musk gave Twitter employees an ultimatum yesterday, telling them to be ready for a ‘hardcore’ work environment or they could leave, and they did.

The former employees claim the platform is extremely close to shutting down, sparking mass panic among its chronic online user base.

The future looks extremely grim, regardless of artists, since Pixiv, DeviantArt and Tumblr all had corporate interference interfering with the freedom of their users and artists, which tarnished public opinion of these platforms.

Speaking of TumblrThe blog-based site decided to poke fun at the situation and posted the following:

Tumblr pokes fun at Twitter

Readers with a good memory can remember that Tumblr was one of the first social media sites to ban NSFW content on its platform, causing a mass exodus of its users to Twitter, making the irony of the situation palpable.

There is a parallel to be made about abusive relationships here, but I don’t bother. Maybe there is a reason why the post was made Twitter and not on Tumblr.

Twitter’s current owner doesn’t seem bothered by the situation, instead reporting that the site hit one all-time high consumption.

Musk is currently joking on his Twitter timeline about the situation and posting memes as Twitter users have a collective meltdown about the platform’s uncertain future.

It is uncertain whether Musk considers the situation a big joke or is currently trying to fake the death of the platform in hopes that it can be saved:

Elon Musk tweets

Only time will tell Twitter will rise stronger from this situation or crash and burn completely, users can only hope that another suitable platform emerges to take its place if the worst happens.

If you want to see more about social media falling apart, check out our article on Pixiv’s latest artist freedom decision.

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