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Turnip Boy Robs a Bank announced for PC and Xbox One – Effinate Games

Publisher Graffiti Games and developer Snoozy Kazoo have announced Turnip Boy robs a banka new sequel to Turnip Boy commits tax evasion.

Turnip Boy robs a bank launched for Windows PC (via Steam) and Xbox One sometime in 2023 and will be on Xbox Game Pass.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

Turnip Boy is ready to commit more crimes in this comedic action-adventure game with roguelite elements. This time, the career criminal teams up with the fearsome pickle gang to plan and execute the weirdest heist ever! Take down hostages, steal valuable valuables, and explore the deep, dark depths and history of the Botanical Bank.

To pull off the perfect heist, purchase a variety of dangerous and wacky tools from the dark web, including a diamond pickaxe, C4, and a radio jammer. However, bank robberies are not easy, so be prepared for intense shootouts with security guards, the police, elite teams and more.


  • An exciting single player adventure full of bank heists, dark web browsing and fuzz fights.
  • Roguelite elements to turn the action.
  • A big old bank to explore and loot.
  • A series of crazy weapons found in the bank.
  • Take on whoever the bank throws at you in intense shootouts, from security guards to elite veggie teams!
  • A large cast of quirky food-based characters, including some familiar faces and new citizens with their own stories and problems.
  • Earn collectable hats and cassettes with new banger tracks.
  • Experience a deeper story about the world of Turnip Boy and how it became what it is.

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