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TSM FTX officially parts ways with Rainbow 6 star Geometrics – Effinate Games

In a stunning twist today, popular eSports organization TSM FTX has just announced that they are parting ways with one of the most iconic champions in Rainbow 6 scene. It marks one of the biggest losses for TSM FTX, but no official explanation has yet been revealed. Here’s the official statement from TSM FTX’s feed:

Emilio “Geometrics” Leynez has been a consistent master of Rainbow 6 eSports and he continues to give good representation to my fellow Mexican players in the industry.

TSM FTX released a short one-minute montage celebrating some of Geometric’s best highlights, and they also thanked Emilio for his many years of contributions. So the parting seems to be on good terms. But at this point, there has been no response from Geometrics themselves yet.

TSM FTX seems to be going through a lot of changes lately. Geometrics has many loyal fans and it will be a shame to see him go and it could prove to have a serious impact on future tournaments. Esports organizations generally rely on fan loyalty to the players, especially when they are personal and win big. There was immediate backlash from fans regarding the change.

Hopefully TSM FTX already has a plan to fill the roster with talent that can also make a name for themselves. One of their competitors, Team Liquid, recently parted ways with Sliggy, brought a new coach on board and are already finding their footing again. So there’s always room for big changes like this, even if they’re disappointing.

Rainbow 6 remains a staple of the shooter genre, and even though Extraction received some lukewarm reviews from purists, the franchise continues to succeed. The “Operation Brutal Swarm” update that introduces a new attacker in the Rainbow 6has attracted lots of attention and praise:

For now, fans will simply have to wait and see the future of Geometrics’ career, which is certainly bright. You can read more about TSM FTX and other eSports organizations by checking out our news section!

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