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Tron: Identity announced at the D23 Disney/Marvel Games showcase – Effinate Games

The Disney D23 expo is the time when the company releases an abundance of new information that has fans salivating with excitement. Tron fans got some good news during the exhibition with Tron: Identity. Unfortunately, identity is not what was long rumoured Throne 3 movie fans have been clamoring for, but it’s a compelling new video game. Not much of Identity was shown during the exhibition, with only a short 30 second teaser featuring the iconic disc from the franchise on display. However, Steam page reviews the game in more detail.

Tron: Identity is a visual novel focusing on a brand new grid. Identity is a detective crime story where players uncover a mystery in the grid. The main character is a detective program called Query, which makes decisions during the story that determine the outcome. Players can choose to talk to several different characters, and you can either ally with them, reject them, or reject them. Identity Disks are items you can access to gain knowledge of a character’s memories.

Information about the game does not indicate whether Tron: Identity takes place in the same canon as the main one Throne movies and Uprising TV show. The game takes place in what is described as a new grid, meaning that although it takes place in the same world as Throne movie, it has no direct connection to the original Grid from the movies.

Tron is a multimedia franchise that began with the original Throne film in 1982. The first film was about a programmer who was sent to a software world full of digital programs. He teams up with a program called Tron to destroy the mainframe computer to escape. The film received praise for its then-state-of-the-art effects, techno-aesthetics, and prediction of a future heavily dependent on digital information and programs. A sequel, Aftermath, was released in 2010, with a TV series airing not long after. Since Of the uprising cancellation, fans have been hoping for a sequel for years, with Identity being the best news fans have had in a while.

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