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Toy Story content is coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley this Fall – Effinate Games

Disney announced new content based on Toy Story for Disney Dreamlight Valley during the Disney and Marvel games at D23. The new content is called the Toy Story realm, and players can access the realm through a door with the face of one of the toy creatures from Toy Story. In the Toy Story realm, your player avatar will be in Andy’s room, where you meet Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Your player avatar will be the same size as Woody and Buzz, making Andy’s room a new world for you to explore. The Toy Story Realm is coming to all versions of the game this fall.

The new Toy Story realm comes with new cosmetics for players to collect, including new outfits based on Woody and Buzz, plus Buzz’s airplane backpack. Woody and Buzz can travel with the player’s avatar outside the Toy Story realm and interact with the other characters in the village. The two characters can even play “pretend” by falling on the floor and acting like normal toys.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim adventure game where players can customize their own avatar who lives in a village full of many different Disney characters. Players can interact with the Disney characters while completing quests around the city. Players can customize the village and their house as they like. You need to unlock some Disney characters to make them live in your village. You can unlock characters like Elsa, Anna, Wall-E, Moana, Maui and many more.

The game is only available through early access, which players get if they purchase a Founder’s Pack. Three Founder’s Packs are available to players – Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. All editions of the Founder’s Pack contain exclusive cosmetics and Moonstones, the game’s currency. The game is in early access and is still very vulnerable to bugs and errors. Error 7 is one of the most notorious problems with the game and the best way to avoid getting Error 7 is to not exit your game while the “Well Fed” buffer is still active.

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