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Toxapex receives a minor nerf ahead of its arrival in Pokémon Go – Effinate Games

Mareanie and its evolved form Toxapex will debut for Pokémon Go starting September 27 during the Fashion Week 2022 event. Prior to its arrival, Toxapex has been praised as an incredibly powerful Pokémon based on its entry, moveset, and stats. However, before it arrives, developer Niantic has given it a minor tweak to make a more balanced Pokémon in terms of PvP encounters. Still, the change doesn’t completely tear this Pokémon apart.

Data mining team Pokeminers revealed the information. Late last night, an update to Pokémon Go revealed that the development team had swapped out one of Toxapex’s charged attack moves, Muddy Water, and replaced it with Brine.

There is a big difference between Muddy Water and Brine. Muddy Water is a water-like move that deals 35 to opponents and costs 35 energy. When it attacks, it has a 30% chance to lower the opponent’s attack by one rank. Brine is a water-type move that does 60 damage to an opponent and costs 50 energy. Nothing is the same between these two moves, down to the energy Toxapex needs to use it.

Without Muddy Water, Toxapex won’t have a low energy debuff in its charged attack set, which can be extremely good if someone lands this attack, weakening their opponent. Brine removes the debuff completely and comes out with a slightly weaker attack that a Toxapex won’t be able to spam, potentially luring a shield from an opponent.

Even with these changes, Toxapex is shaping up to be an excellent Pokémon for the Great League. It has incredibly high defense, resistance to Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Ice, Poison, Steel, and Water types, and is only weak to Electric, Earth, and Psychic attacks. On top of this, Toxapex’s moveset still features Poison Jab as its preferred quick move and Sludge Wave as a charged attack.

The change takes it from being a required Great League Pokémon to a solid addition to any team. Players shouldn’t feel like they need to prepare to defend against it consistently, but it makes for a nasty opponent every time someone fights against Toxapex.

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