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Tower of God M: The Great Journey reveals a new trailer, with pre-reigstrations beginning next month – Effinate Games

Earlier this year, NGELGAMES announced a mobile game adaptation of the highly popular anime series Tower of God. It quickly became a highly anticipated title as the show, originally a webtoon with over six billion views, led Crunchyroll to transform it into an animated series. Tower of God M: The Great Journey, is already available in Korea and it rose to the top ranks there quite quickly. The developers are looking for a winter release globally, with a pre-registration scheduled to go live sometime next month.

If you haven’t heard of the Tower of God series, the story revolves around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, where Bam means Night or Chestnut in Korean. The boy has spent most of his life stuck under a giant tower, with only his friend Rachel for company.

One day, Rachel somehow manages to enter this mysterious tower. Bam, desperate to meet her friend, will do absolutely anything to reunite with her again. Surrounded by an element called Shinsu, the tower has mystical properties and lots of floors to cover. As Bam levels up, he will encounter a lot of allies to help him against the even higher number of enemies he faces.

The mobile port will tell the same story, allowing players to relive everything they’ve already seen, but from a first-person perspective as they’ll play an active role this month, increasing the immersion tenfold. The trailer that has been embedded above does a great job of showcasing the beautiful animation where all the iconic characters return.

It also gives a good look at the combat system where character cards are used and a ton of powerful skills are used. As an RPG, Tower of God will have an extensive level-up system where players can learn unique skills and different fighting styles based on the characters they choose.

Pre-registration for Tower of God M: The Great Journey should begin in October. For more details, check official website.

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