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Tower of Fantasy update 1.5 brings the Artificial Island, home crafting, and more on September 15 – Effinate Games

Tower of Fantasy is getting a big update with its 1.5 patch that brings a brand new zone called the Artificial Island and a ton of new features to the game, as well as new bosses, characters, weapons, Simulacra and more.

Announced via Twitter with a video detailing some of the new content, Update 1.5 will arrive on September 15th, just over a month since the game’s global release. The new Artificial Island zone is front and center for this update, a large new area where players can explore, collect materials and fight new enemies. The trailer shows the Ring Arena, Puddled Lake and Rusty Iron Camp areas, which are the same green but ruin-strewn plains as the Asperia world in the base game.

There’s also a new boss called the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, a huge, flying mechanical dragon that shoots lasers and missiles from above. Also made is the ability to build a home using a base-building system that appears to be a simpler version of the kind found in open world survival and crafting titles.

Not directly mentioned in the trailer, but heavily featured is the character Claudia, who is currently only available as a Simulacra on the Chinese servers for Tower of Fantasy. With her shown so prominently in the trailer, she will likely be the third limited event banner weapon after Frigg.

Tower of Fantasy content will likely come quickly to the global version of the game, as it is on a much more accelerated schedule than the original Chinese releases, likely so the two can reach parity before another major release takes place. With the Vera 2.0 update announcement already out via Gamescom, gamers won’t have to wait long for dozens upon dozens of hours of additional content. There are also nearly a dozen additional Simulacra and weapons that weren’t released in the West, so while content continues to come out at a rapid clip, there are likely months of updates coming for fans to enjoy.

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