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Tower of Fantasy announces 10-year ban, Anti-Cheat plan for Hackers – Effinate Games

The Fantasy Tower has issued an official response to cheaters who have undermined the game, saying that cheaters and hackers will suffer a 10-year ban from the game. The developers have also invited players to report related behavior, further stating that they will “continue to refine” anti-cheat defenses.

Here is the full statement from The Fantasy Tower‘s Twitter feed, which has received much praise for its tough approach to malicious accounts:

Fans of the popular MMORPG were very relieved to hear that The Fantasy Tower will also remove all currently suspended accounts from Ranked after the 1.5 version update. Additionally, they also plan to hand out compensation to players once the fix is ​​complete, according to an elaboration on the developers’ full blog post.

There is no doubt about that The Fantasy Tower has taken the ideal approach to hacking problems. Many Free-to-Play games suffer from serious cheating issues that interfere with gameplay.

But many other developers, such as those handling the FTP shooter Apex Legends, has simply not dedicated the right effort. In fact countless innocent players were banned at one point and hackers remain a serious problem there. If unchecked, these consume problems and can even enter professional tournaments.

So while a 10-year ban is unusually long for any title, these drastic measures could deter people from cheating beforehand. Some fans have seemed frustrated that a new plan wasn’t stated outright, suggesting that fans alone won’t be enough to counter cheaters.

And that’s true for most games. However, the developers cannot (obviously) signal their new methods. With at least 3,371 accounts banned today, no matter what The Fantasy Tower does seem to work. Hopefully the developers continue to implement the same level of dedication.

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