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Total War: Medieval II set to launch a massive new expansion later this year – Effinate Games

Feral Interactive’s mobile version of the strategic war simulator Total War: Medieval II is set to receive a brand new expansion that will bring four new campaigns and a host of other new features. This new expansion will see you take on the role of Crusaders as they tear across the Middle East, a Britannia setting, a Teutonic setting and even a New World campaign.

If you haven’t played it yet, Total War: Medieval II is exactly like its PC counterpart in many ways and stays true to Total War series as a large-scale strategy game. Taking charge as the leader of a specific faction for a certain period of time, you will slowly expand your influence to try and take over as much land as possible, all the while managing your infrastructure and finances while producing units to fight for you .

But the combat is where the Total War series shines. Using a top-down view, you’ll navigate around a huge world map and often come into contact with another faction, who will then load you into an RTS match. During this skirmish you will issue orders to each of your units as you attempt to outmaneuver and outmaneuver the enemy until you have reduced their numbers to near zero.

These new campaigns will offer a new experience on all fronts, giving you a brand new world map along with numerous factions to both play and war against. This will offer a large amount of variety to the normal campaigns on offer and will require you to learn a whole new way of playing in order to effectively master all these new factions.

Total War as a series has remained a mainstay of the RTS genre, and it’s nice to see that the mobile port of such a classic title hasn’t fallen by the wayside and is still being supported. If you want to try out all this new content for yourself, you can purchase Total War: Medieval II for $14.99 from one of the links below!

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