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Torchlight: Infinite is hosting its third and final closed beta test in the next few days – Effinate Games

Preparations for Torchlight: Infinite are in full swing as XD Inc has just announced that the mobile ARPG dungeon crawler is entering its third and final closed beta test, starting in a few days. An open beta is already planned for October, so it seems the developers want to get most of the bugs out of the way before it goes live.

Torchlight: Infinite’s third closed beta will begin on September 4th and run until the 18th. Lots of content will be introduced with this test. Players can expect to use Oracle Thea, a new hero, as they dive into three new story levels. While exploring the game through these quests, players will encounter new bosses, monster populations, geographic features, and Netherrealm 2.0. Plus, at the end of the story levels, a ferocious new boss awaits.

The gameplay gets sharper with the addition of Erosion Craftings and a host of new tweaks that make the game that much more fluid. Customization is also a huge aspect of this game and the features keep expanding. During this CBT, six classes and 24 talent trees will be available to players. They can choose three skill paddles and change them up to five times, giving a ton of options.

And this is where Infinite shines. Gameplay can be extremely fine-tuned to suit playing styles. If cheesing through fights is your thing, Lifesteal Whirlwind allows for continuous full-screen AoE that will breeze through monsters like a joke. And that’s just one of the many ways styles. Just as the name suggests, there are endless ways to play this game.

Players can pre-register for Torchlight: Infinite by clicking on one of the links below. Also check out theirs official website for more details.

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