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Top gaming company Tencent hires former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden – Effinate Games

These days, it seems like every time Tencent is in the news, it’s buying another studio. In this case, it is not a team, but an individual who joins the most profitable gaming company in the world. Former Sony Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden is now taking his talents to Tencent.

Layden announced on LinkedIn, where he revealed that he was joining the company as a strategic advisor from August 2022. “In this new role, I hope to advise, assist and support the team at Tencent as they deepen their activities and commitments within the industry, which I I have devoted the majority of my career,” explains Layden. “We are in an epoch-defining moment in gaming and interactive entertainment. There are many possible paths ahead, but only a few are deep, expansive, inclusive, edifying, inspiring and/or sustainable. I am excited to continue this journey of discovery and thank Tencent for the opportunity.” He certainly sounds “excited,” based on the big statement.

Before joining Tencent, Layden held advisory roles in other organizations such as Streamline Media Group and Encore Leadership Advisors. His time at PlayStation is a defining era for many gamers, as he was the face of several PlayStation 4-focused presentations. He left PlayStation in 2019 and stated a few years later that he had become exhausted from his role at the company.

The past few years have also been a defining era for Tencent. The China-based company has made major studio acquisitions across the globe, including Turtle Rock Studios in California, Inflexion Games in Canada and Tequila Works in Spain. Most recently, it acquired a significant stake in Elden Ring developer FromSoftware’s parent company Kadokawa Corporation. Layden’s new role at Tencent will involve advising the company on further strategic investments like this one. With over $32 billion in revenue brought in throughout 2021, there’s a lot to play with.

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