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Time-Travel Horror game Macabre Museum announced for Steam – Effinate Games

Macabre Museum, a new time travel co-op horror game, has just been announced with a full trailer. No release date has been confirmed yet, but curious horror fans can wishlist the game on Steam today.

The trailer appears to be cinematic only, though some of the first-person footage may be actual gameplay. You can check it out on YouTube here:

Macabre Museum was developed by a brand new UK indie studio, Different Monster, so there are no existing titles to reference. It is also important to note that the developers plan to keep Macabre Museum in Early Access “until early/mid 2025,” according to Steam product page. Unfortunately, that means a release date wouldn’t be revealed for a while.

However, the trailer looks very promising. There are a variety of monsters, obstacles and puzzles that seem to borrow from Indiana Jones and the latest Tomb Raider game. Each of Lara’s recent adventures is basically a masterpiece, so that’s definitely a good place to start.

But Macabre Museum also plans to add co-op gameplay that supports four players, which is definitely a surprise. Co-op horror game like Death by daylight are still very successful, with Resident Evil crossover. The cosmetics for Chapter 25 were recently leaked, attracting a lot of attention. The trailer shows someone sacrificing themselves and moral decisions would be great for co-op experiences.

The time travel element is also a very clever twist that gives the developers an unusual kind of freedom. But it can be easy to get carried away by the infinite potential and lose focus. Hopefully, Macabre Museum will have enough creativity to deliver on his strong hook.

But there is clearly plenty of time to shape a final product. And the art design and sound effects are both amazing in the trailer, so the future looks very bright Macabre Museum.

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