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Time Raiders is an upcoming MMORPG that lets you explore underground tombs, now open for pre-registration – Effinate Games

YOOZOO Games has announced that pre-registration is now open for Time Raiders, Gtarcade’s first MMORPG game. With high-quality 3D graphics and a vast underground world to explore, the game lets players fight epic battles against fearsome beasts and discover ancient treasures while authenticating relics.

In Time Raiders, players can expect to find the playstyle that suits them best across three available classes: Blademaster, Gunslinger, and Sage. Players will gather the members of their clan and summon valiant companions to fight by their side against the forces of darkness.

Players can also look forward to venturing into uncharted territories such as the Undead Den or Blood Zombie Tombs. The open environment allows for limitless exploration where players can uncover gold, find antiquities and explore eastern tombs. Of course, all these treasures don’t come without a cost, as all manner of abominations stand guard to keep the loot safe.

If you fancy joining in on the fun, catch Time Raiders on Google Play Store for Android devices and on iOS App Store. It’s a free game with in-app purchases. You can also pre-register for the game to earn special rewards at launch. There are currently more than 200,000 pre-registrations, with milestone rewards like Gold Tiger Symbol x 1 and Soulfuse Gem x 2 up for grabs.

While you wait, you can join the community of followers at official website to stay updated on all the latest developments, visit the official Facebook page for more info, or check out the embedded clip above to get a feel for the game’s vibes and visuals.

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