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Timberborn reveals Robo-Beavers and more in new Update 2 Trailer – Effinate Games

Timberborn, a playful city builder that focuses on beavers using lumber, has finally released the first trailer for new content in months. The update will add several new features, including new robo-beaver “Golems”, improved terrain freedom and even more responsibilities.

The new content is scheduled to launch soon, on September 14, 2022. You can go through all of these in-game features by checking out the new trailer here:

Timberborn might seem like an odd title to newcomers, but it’s actually been around since 2021, and it’s received near-unanimous praise from critics and gamers alike. Fans of the city-building genre have enjoyed some of its unique mechanics, especially the survival elements.

So it is more popular than you might think and the trailer already boasts thousands of views. Players must create timber-based cities while keeping their beaver population alive through a series of hardships.

The new content looks quite balanced and very promising. The RoboBeavers are a delight as the game finally leans into some of the joyous silliness of its post-human premise. These new golems will certainly make certain tasks easier, as will the freedom to raise terrain.

However, there will be batteries to care for and a flurry of negative effects to deal with. All the new additions should effectively balance each other. This was a smart move and a solid way to continue emphasizing the strategic sensibilities of this game.

Timberborn was developed by Mechanismy, a small team based in Poland with no other games to refer to. However, it is clear that their dedication to Timberborn has paid off as the game has only improved with each update announcement.

City builders need to find a lot of personality to stand out from the crowd these days, with hits like Two point campus use smart humor and smart mechanics to generate strong reviews. Timberborn has successfully found its footing, so hopefully Update 2 will be balanced enough.

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