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This Pokémon Scarlet and Violet exploit shows the true benefit (and consequences) of skipping school – Effinate Games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet send the protagonist to an academy and refine their knowledge in both the practical areas of math and reading, while also training them in important Pokémon knowledge. As it happens, going to school is an important catalyst in the game’s main story, and is necessary for you to start the three branching story paths. But what if you want to be a bit of a rebel and completely ignore school? Despite the game’s best efforts to force you into the academy, that’s exactly what Reddit user u/GalaxyHunter17 did.

In a post made to Reddit, GalaxyHunter17 outlined their experience exploiting the game and skipping school altogether. The user managed to leave the starting area without going to the academy, which caused some interesting interactions with the game. For starters, the safe was able to hug the face of a cliff and head towards Area 4, forcing a battle with a Pokémon and abusing a mechanic that can cause the trainer to teleport to another location for a battle.

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With this bug, GalaxyHunter17 was able to capture nearly 200 Pokémon, access most of the flyable locations in the game, and level their Pokémon to 45. This was without their riding Pokémon or any story mechanics. Apparently, when you skip the main story, there are several glitches that happen in the game. The day/night cycle doesn’t work, the Team Star bases are abandoned and derelict, and none of the gyms are accessible. The post did not mention how this exploit interacted with Titan Battles.

Presumably, when GalaxyHunter17 goes back to the academy, they can continue with the same story as usual. But as they say, it seems it’s best to stay in school when you’re in the world of Pokémon.

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