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The Vikingard x Vikings crossover is now live – Effinate Games

Last month, NetEase Games announced that Vikingard will cross over with the hit TV show Vikings. Today, the collaboration, which will be the first of many, is now live. Iconic characters from the series such as Ragnar Lothbrok, the main character, will join the game. Players will fight side by side with these characters as they search for fame and treasure.

The Vikingard x Vikings crossover kicks off with a pre-launch event. It tells the story of a mysterious Viking girl who seems to know a lot about Ragnar and his journey. She is the link between players and characters from the series, as she will introduce everyone to Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo and Floki, who will eventually leave England to plunder.

This cooperative story begins with players helping Floki create a secret fleet headed to England to collect riches. Besides the roaring sea, there are enemies and traitors, all of whom must be defeated. The entire mission lasts 21 days with six objectives and ends with a prophecy about all the adventures to come. Once this main phase is over, players will be able to relive all the events and replay certain segments as part of the walkthrough phase.

Each show character coming to Vikingard will have a unique weapon, making them all must-haves. Initially, they will appear as NPCs in Mead Hall, where a lot of mini-games will be held. Players can interact with these heroes and unravel Floki’s puzzles to earn numerous rewards. In addition to this, players can visit the Challenger’s Coast where they can fight alongside our Vikings as they take on powerful world bosses.

This crossover is just the beginning. Even the Vikings show expanded with the Valhalla series. Expect to see players interact a lot more with these awesome heroes.

Download Vikingard for free now by clicking one of the links below.

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