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The Past Within from Rusty Lake will release for iOS, Android and PC in November – Effinate Games

Following the announcement last year and the release of a demo back in February, Rusty Lake has announced the release date for its next puzzle game. The Past Within will be released for iOS, Android and Steam on November 2nd, with a Nintendo Switch version coming later.

If you’ve missed our previous coverage, The Past Within is the next installment in the world of Rusty Lake and the first to feature co-op. It will see you and another player work together to solve a series of puzzles in a strange world. One of you will search the past while the other examines the future.

Despite being in completely different times, according to the developers, communication will be the key to solving the mystery surrounding Albert Vanderboom. This means that you cannot play The Past Within solo, although there is no restriction on the platform you choose. As long as you can chat, you can play together. If you don’t know anyone who is into puzzles, you can also go to Rusty Lake Discord to find someone to team up with.

You can check out some of the puzzles you’ll have to solve in the latest trailer above. As you can see, the release date trailer also shows another first for the Rusty Lake franchise. Previously, the games were limited to a 2D plane, but The Past Within will also have you solving puzzles in 3D.

The Past Within is available for pre-order on Google Play and the App Store ahead of its November 2nd release. It is a premium title that costs $2.99 ​​or your local equivalent. If you are interested, you can find both store links below.

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