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The Influence of Gaming Culture on Slots Games – Effinate Games

Modern online casino games not only play great, but they look great. When you visit a top online casino, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to games. A huge amount of time and effort goes into developing casino games, slot machines being a prime example. There are many aspects that go into creating an online slot game and the influences from different areas such as the gaming subculture can be seen in modern slot games.

Visuals and graphics

According to, graphics and graphics are an important factor for players when choosing slot games. Providers tend to put a lot of focus in this area, and the influence of video games on slots can be seen in the titles they have released in recent years.

Traditional slot machines featured three or five reels with fruit symbols such as cherries, lemons, melons, grapes and plums. This led to many slot machines being known as “fruit machines”. Bells and the bar symbol were also common in early slot machines.

However, as slots have moved online, it has allowed developers to use computer graphics to produce slot games that look a lot like video games.

Some of the most popular online slots like Gonzo’s Quest have been hugely influenced by gaming culture. This is evident from the visuals and graphics used in the game. Gonzo himself appears as a cartoon character on the side of the slot, much like a character you would control in a video game. The wheels are replaced by blocks and they fall away to be replaced by other blocks, with different types of old carvings. Behind the blocks you will see a tropical jungle location, complete with ancient ruins, and this combines with the blocks and the Gonzo character to produce a slot that is visually influenced by gaming culture.

Gonzo’s Quest isn’t the only slot to be graphically influenced by gaming culture and many more of the world’s leading slot games take visual ideas from video games. For example, the hugely popular Book of Dead is a throwback to some of the great Egyptian-themed adventure video games, such as Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed.


When you are presented with a selection of slot machines at an online casino, the potential sound when playing the slot machine is not the main priority. In most cases, the visuals are what catch your eye when browsing the slots catalog at an online casino.

However, the importance of sound should not be underestimated when playing slot games. Sound plays a key role in the success of video games, and the same goes for online slot games.

When you have good sound that enhances the visual side of the slots, it adds a lot to the overall theme of the slot. The best online slots have music soundtracks or sound effects that compliment the theme of the slot, and this is another example of the influence gaming culture has had on slots, as soundtracks have been a key component of video games for more than thirty years.

Video game based slot machines

Such is the influence of gaming culture on slot games, we now have slots based entirely on video games. Tomb Raider is one of the biggest video game franchises of the last 20 years and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Instead of trying to create a slot game like Tomb Raider, Microsoft decided to buy the rights and create a Tomb Raider slot. There are images of Lara Craft in various poses on the reels along with ancient artifacts and animals. Tomb Raider isn’t the only video game franchise to be developed into an online real money slot. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is another example of a hugely popular video game franchise that has been used to create a slot machine.

Hitman has also been developed into an online slot with the main character, Agent 47, featured on the reels as a symbol. The attention to detail when switching from video game to slot machine is excellent and fans of the Hitman video game will enjoy playing the slot.

Other video games that have been successfully converted into slots include Resident Evil and Street Fighter. The latter allows you to choose a character to play with, just like you would when playing the video game. In fact, Street Fighter is so closely based on the video game that you can even play the bonus car smash game.

Final thoughts

It is clear to see how the gaming culture has had a big impact on many online slots. From images and graphics to sound and theme, online slots have a strong link to gaming culture. iGaming and video games are inextricably linked, and providers will continue to deliver titles influenced by video game culture to keep their brand recognizable and competitive.

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