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The House of Da Vinci 3 is out now on Android, revealing the epic conclusion to the puzzle adventure’s trilogy – Effinate Games

Blue Brain Games has announced the Android launch of The House of Da Vinci 3, the studio’s 3D puzzle adventure that brings players the epic conclusion to the story of Leonardo da Vinci. The game boasts an average rating of 4.9/5, and although it is the third in a series, players don’t need to have gone through the first two titles in the franchise to appreciate the story here.

In particular, the pick-up-and-play game features a time-travel narrative that is filled with twists and turns as players discover the truth behind the Ordo Iustitialis. They will embark on a mysterious adventure as a companion to the one and only Leonardo da Vinci, uncovering secrets across new interiors and exteriors along the way.

The game offers creative brain teasers that will test players’ skills, along with a unique experience of Renaissance Italy with multi-language support in 11 languages. The Slovak-Czech game studio has also optimized the game’s controls to suit mobile players, with smooth touchscreen controls to give players an immersive ending to Giacomo’s story.

If you feel like giving it a try, you can download The House of Da Vinci 3 on iOS App Store and on Google Play Store Today.

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