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The Gallery, Paul Raschid’s FMV set in two different decades, is now available on mobile – Effinate Games

Aviary Studios announced a few months ago that they were working on an FMV/live-action game called The Gallery, to be released on consoles, PC and mobile. Today, the interactive film graces all platforms besides Xbox, on which it launches at the end of this month. The gallery tells a unique story set in two completely different time periods – 1981 and 2021, both of which have their fair share of political, social and cultural significance in UK history. The film is written and directed by the legendary Paul Raschid, the man behind other critically acclaimed FMVs. The gallery will bring in elements of hostage thrillers and social dramas with a punch of world film festival cinema aesthetics. The game may take place in two different decades, but players will have to do everything in their power to survive just one night. … [MORE]

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