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The Dota 2 International 2022 prize pool off to a slow start, players not happy with Battle Pass – Effinate Games

Last week, Valve released Dota 2 Battle Pass for The International 2022, with proceeds from sales over the next few months going towards the prestigious tournament’s prize pool. With the main event taking place in Singapore later next month, 30 teams will battle it out to secure one of the biggest prize pools in eSports. The previous tournaments have repeatedly surpassed themselves in consecutive years for their total earnings. But with the prize pool surpassing $9 million yesterday, it looks like this year’s Battle Pass entries won’t hit so soon. Four days into the sale, The International 2022 is currently tracking $1.6 million behind last year in comparable time. At this stage, it is also behind in the 2019 tournament.

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Fans have expressed their disappointment with the content of the Battle Pass. In particular, there has been frustration with the appearance of the Void Arcana, how immortal treasure has been handled, and the absence of a custom terrain skin. Since the Battle Pass is also split into two parts – the second will be released in November – much is still unknown about what’s to come. Many sections of the Battle Pass have a “Coming Soon” banner that doesn’t offer deeper insight. This dissatisfaction may be a contributor to the slow Battle Pass adoption, as players have expressed that they are not too eager to spend money on unlocks they know nothing about.

Despite this, Dota 2 saw a boost in its player count over the weekend by one peak at 870,000 concurrent players — a high the game hasn’t seen since mid-June 2019. But if Valve wants to surpass their record-breaking $40 million prize pool. from The International 2021, a few changes may need to be made as the community is not happy with this timing.

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