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The DioField Chronicle is getting a massive update in March 2023 – Effinate Games

Publisher Square Enix and developer Lancarse announced DioField Chronicle getting a huge update next year.

The new free update, set for March 2023, will add a new story branch, a new weapon, new skills, and new difficulty levels.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in the new update:

The Diofield Chronicle March 2023 Update

  • New scenario – A story of Waltzing Redditch, one of the four chieftains of the “Blue Fox” mercenary group, unfolds. The new scenario is an original story not told in the main scenario. *The new scenario can be played after deleting chapter 5 of the main scenario.
  • New Enemies – Behemoth” appears as the final boss of the original story. It has unique skills such as resistance resistance and rage and stands as a mighty enemy. After clearing the new scenario, a higher difficulty submission will be added, where an even stronger Behemoth will emerge.
  • New weapon – In the new scenario added in the update, the “grimoire” will appear as a weapon exclusively for Waltherkin. Equipping the “grimoire” allows players to summon entities and use skills to change their appearance into other forms.
  • New Skills – Necromancy” summons a Skull Knight and “Necrotame” turns your unit into a Skull Dragon. Necromancy can summon a Skull Knight and “Necrotame” which can turn your unit into a Skull Dragon.
  • New Higher Difficulty – For those who want to enjoy higher difficulty strategies, “Extra Mode” where higher level enemies appear will be selectable from the first chapter. Extra mode allows players to transfer their levels, weapons and skill trees after clearing the main scenario. This mode will be added as a function of “NewGame+”, and by turning on “Extra Mode”, the enemies’ level will jump up to a level equal to the level after clearing the game.
  • New difficulty level – Additionally, “Very Hard” will be added to the difficulty selection. In “Very Hard”, fragment drop is reduced, enemy usage frequency and cooldown are shortened, save times and HP to recover are limited, and more challenging battles can be enjoyed. With “Extra Mode” turned on, the game can be played on difficulty levels from Casual to Very Hard. The “Very Hard” difficulty can be selected even before you clear the main story.

Here’s a new trailer for the update:

DioField Chronicle has been available since September 2022 worldwide, across Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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