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The Dark Pictures will apparently go sci-fi in its second season with Directive 8020 – Effinate Games

Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology ends tomorrow with the fourth and final installment, The Devil in Me. At least for its first season. From the beginning, the studio planned to publish eight contributions in total. So with Season 1 consisting of four games, that means horror fans can look forward to at least four more in the future.

Although not officially announced by Supermassive themselves, we have an idea of ​​what to expect at the beginning of season 2 thanks to a teaser trailer that appears at the end of The Devil in Me. Considering the game isn’t out yet, it looks like someone got their copy early.

The teaser reveals that the Season 2 premiere will be called Directive 8020 and will take place in outer space, specifically aboard a starship called the Cassiopeia. Exactly what the plot will entail is not clear, although at one point we hear one of the crew members mention that something is wrong with another crew member and they try to kill him. Considering how previous games have played, it’s impossible to say what the reason could be. A space parasite? A shape-shifting alien? Or is it something more supernatural?

Admittedly, its title is something fans already knew about thanks to trademarks registered by Supermassive earlier this year. There were exactly five of them under “The Dark Pictures” branding, Directive 8020 being one. One of the other titles, Switchback, was recently announced as the next VR title from the studio, as was Rush of Blood for the original PSVR. A sixth title appeared in those trademarks, but it runs under the banner “The Dark Pictures Presents,” meaning it’s unlikely to be part of Season 2.

Directive 8020 also lacks a release date. Since these games have been released annually since 2019’s Man of Medan, it’s very likely that Directive 8020 will be released in 2023, but we won’t know for sure until Supermassive confirms it.

It’s entirely possible that the studio is saving it for a 2024 launch, since the spin-off The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, which we mentioned above, is coming in 2023. It’s coming out exclusively for the PlayStation VR 2 on February 22, and is a rail shooter, similar to Supermassive’s Until Dawn VR game, which takes you through locations from all four games from Season 1.

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