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The Battle Cats is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a tonne of special events and rewards – Effinate Games

Ponos Corporation’s wildly popular tower defense mobile game The Battle Cats is hosting a massive celebration to celebrate eight years since its launch. The game launched way back in 2014 on Android and iOS with an extremely cute roster of cats who happen to be strategic experts. Almost a decade later, The Battle Cats is just as much fun, with an extra little treat right now as the developers have created special 8th anniversary events to take part in for an entire month until October 10th.

With the number of events being held to celebrate The Battle Cats’ 8th anniversary, there are just as many rewards to be won. Starting is the mountain of cat food that players can collect. Free Wildcat slots will be held throughout the month, where everyone can collect 777 cat food that can be exchanged for the Dynasty Fest Rare Capsules set and more.

Players who manage to complete the final stage of Empire of Cats Chapter One by October 10 will also receive a Platinum Ticket that can be exchanged for a special Capsule draw, which will in turn award an Uber Rare Cat hero. For the rest of the anniversary events, players can win more cat food and normal tickets that can be used to unlock cats and some other items.

Battle Cats’ birthday party will give players the chance to splurge a little too thanks to the amazing sales being held throughout the month. Special cats will be up for grabs at half the price of cat food. Here are the dates for the upcoming sales:

  • Sale one – September 16 to 18
  • Sale two – September 23 to 25
  • Sale three – 30 September to 2 October
  • Sale four – October 7 to 9

Apart from this, there are numerous login rewards and much more waiting to be claimed. Finally, the new Monthly All-Stars stage series will award a whopping 30,000,000 XP upon completion! Celebrate the classic game’s birthday by downloading The Battle Cats now for free.

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