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Terreria and Core Keeper crossover to be released in September – Effinate Games

Core Keeping is working with Terraria for an exciting crossover September 26!

Core Keeper teams up with Re-Logic’s Terraria for an exciting crossover event. Both Core Keeper and Terraria are open-world sandbox games with an emphasis on adventure and discovery. Core Keeper and Re-Logic have been in conversation about the potential for their respective games to collaborate in some capacity to jointly celebrate both games with their respective communities.

Starting September 26th, players will be able to summon a creature called King Slime, who is recognized as one of Terraria’s (pre-hard mode) heavy damage dealers. The massive royal blob doesn’t appear out of nowhere – just like Omoroth, players must summon him before they can engage in battle with him. Fighting King Slime can be difficult, but it can be worth it as it has been said that defeating King Slime will give players some pretty interesting loot.

Meanwhile, Terraria will introduce Caveling Pet, a helpful Caveling Farmer that will accompany the player’s character while looking adorable and providing a little bit of emotional support wherever they go. In Core Keepers, cavelings are often quite unfriendly animals, especially towards adventurers. That said, there have been isolated instances in the past where a Caveling or two have shown gregariousness (like Caveling Merchants). It’s fair to conclude that Cavelings have the potential to be enjoyable companions under the right circumstances, and it seems that players will have the opportunity to form friendships with Cavelings in Terraria. Using a unique artifact originally from the Core Keeper, players in Terraria will have the ability to spawn the unusually docile Caveling.

Core Keeper and Terraria were also happy to announce to fans of both titles that crossover will be a permanent feature. As such, players will have the freedom to either befriend a Caveling or summon King Slime whenever they want.

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