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Terraria is the first game to pass 1 million Steam reviews, maintains Overwhelmingly Positive score – Effinate Games

Terraria is an incredibly popular game that has reached a whopping 35 million copies sold as of March 2021. The sandbox game is available across a wide variety of platforms, but its PC players just pushed it past a new milestone. It is now the first Steam game to get one million user reviews.

Terraria meme maker @demizegg first discovered this statistic and excitedly shared it on Twitter. They got the numbers from SteamDB, an aggregate site that many PC gamers use to monitor Steam player counts and other statistics. SteamDBs top rated game site tallies 978,864 positive reviews and 21,444 negative reviews for Terraria, pushing it to 1,000,308 reviews in total. It’s obviously a small percentage of the total player base, but it’s an impressive number of people nonetheless.

In addition to the total number of reviews, the breakdown of positives and negatives means that Terraria achieved this feat while retaining Steam’s “overwhelmingly positive” moniker. More than 97% of all reviews are positive, indicating both community and critical acclaim. The team at Re-Logic should be proud: its game ranks above the likes of Garry’s Mod, Left 4 Dead 2 and The Witcher 3 in terms of overall reviews and overall rating.

As a popular indie game (to put it mildly), Terraria has spread the love by crossing over with other indie games in the past. In October 2021, Terraria and Don’t Starve swapped monsters in a Halloween crossover event. Re-Logic continues to strengthen Terraria with new updates. According to the team’s latest Steam blog postthe game’s Labor of Love update will be released soon.

If you want to try Terraria yourself, we can help you get started. We can explain how classes work and how to spice up your game with the best texture packs. For those who have been playing for a while and need to cross a few more things off their checklist, we can also show you how to summon all the bosses in the game.

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