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Team Reptile delays Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to 2023 – Effinate Games

Team Reptile has just announced that their upcoming title Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will officially be delayed to summer 2023. A new release date has not been confirmed. The game was previously set to release on Steam and Nintendo Switch this year. Other consoles were expected to follow somewhat later.

Here’s the full statement from Team Reptile’s Twitter feed, which explains that they simply needed more time to create a “fulfilling game”:

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is clearly the spiritual successor to the classic, cel-shaded mix of sports, graffiti and rebellion from Jet Set Radio Future.

That game remains one of the most unique, satisfying titles in any genre, on any console. The soundtrack was full of personality, the gameplay was smooth, and there were a number of multiplayer modes. Not to mention the quirky, funny story.

So if ever there was a title to draw inspiration from, Jet Set radio is a good way to go. Indeed, it also seems to have had some influence on Rollerdrome’s key mechanic in the game, which has received critics and fans across the board.

It’s certainly a shame Bomb Rush Cyberpunk has been delayed. But many titles, both indie and AAA, have reached the end of the year and been forced to recognize their limits. Judging by the footage we’ve seen so far from Team Reptile’s upcoming title, it will be worth the wait.

Team Reptile has smartly decided to communicate with the fans who remain patient and the decision to create a satisfying experience will always show rather than rushing to meet a deadline. However, it also raises expectations, which are already quite high for this one.

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